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Yanfu Ou

Software Engineering

Fluent in Java and made numerous desktop applications using Swing, Apache, and JavaFX Modules. Excelled in webdev using HTML, CSS, and JS to make websites and host on AWS EC2. Experienced in Python, C++, and MatLab and developed autonomous PID control for robotics. Please see personal projects

Electrical Engineering

Experienced in PCB board design, development, and validation process. Developed Power Distribution Unit and Brake Safety boards for Penn Electric Racing utilizing Altium Designer. HV trained and lots of hands-on experiences wiring, testing, and tuning the car. Please see personal projects


Hands on experiences working at the student-run Student Federal Credit Union. Currently on the Investments Committee managing $26 Billion . Also on the Operations Committee taking charge of resolving customer issues and responsible for the daily operations of the credit union. Please see Resume

About me

Hi, my name is Yanfu! I am a Junior (Class of '26) studying EECS at the University of Pennsylvania with plans to earn an accelerated master's in Robotics(MSE ‘26) also at the University of Pennsylvania. I am interested in software engineering, electrical engineering, and business. I will hold you for a million years if you start geeking out with me about the fluffy AWS “Cloud”, yummy semiconductor “wafers”, or the joy of entrepreneurship.

I dream about using engineering and business principles to solve problems and to make the world a better place! My passion was developed when I crashed my first robot straight into the wall and shattered it into a thousand pieces! I quickly learned the intricacies of C++ and Python and worked my way up to be Programming Lead. I spearhead the implementation of many autonomous algorithms in C++, such as PID control and field-based GPS tracking systems. Under my leadership, my team overcame the challenges of COIVD and I led my team to qualify for the VEX World Robotics competitions against hundreds of teams from over 50 countries!

Last summer I interned at the National Futures Association. I worked with a software development SCRUM team as a Quality Assurance intern. During my brief summer, I executed over 600 test cases, which helped to spot over 40 bugs in core auditing systems. My work ensured a smooth and quick transition from Oracle to Microsoft SQL server database.

During my free time, I helped a non-profit organization build its alumni connection website, which helped to connect over 100 members of the community.

Currently, I am an electrical engineer for the Penn Electric Racing team, which is student-run formula racing team. I spearhead the development of the Power Distribution Unit. Specifically, I developed the power, outputs, and debug subschematics. The redesign reduced the number of eFuses by 75% and cut board size by 25% while keeping the same level of safety!

I would love to hear about your interesting projects and stories! Please reach out and connect! I am also a huge running, hiking, and outdoors fan! Would be down to go on an adventure! I would love to geek out!

Here is my Resume

Revelant Experience

DEKA Research and Development Co.
May 2024 - present

- Deploy, validate, and test AWS IoT Core, Groovy, Java and Python Boto3 code through CI/CD pipeline into production
- Develop, integrate, and test functionality in Kubernetes and tuned system hardware memory and CPU usages
- Create system test that register and deregisters 25,000+ virtual IoT to simulate future Twiist AID pump user experience

May 2024 - Present

- Develop Altium Designer integration into existing PCB automated manufacturing pipeline
- Gather and utilize 200+ PCBs for Altium integration testing to ensure functionality prior to production
- Develop and test ML labeling system to sort and classify electrical components to fulfill design specifications

Green Halo Non-profit Foundation
May 2024 - Present

- Maintain and enhance existing website infrastructure to improve user experience
- Design college success planner for program members for professional development

May 2023 - Aug 2023

- Spearheaded the development of an Alumni Network for 100+ members to community engagement
- Led UI/UX design of 5+ web pages using React and NodeJS as well as MongoDB for user data storage
- Secured the website and member data with Google Firebase and hosted on Google
- Led fundraising efforts to raise over $11,000 to expand educational services to underprivileged communities

National Futures Associations Intern
Jun 2023 - Aug 2023

- Conducted 600+ test cases and discovered more than 40 bugs in NFA and CFTC compliance auditing systems
- Tested application data stored on SQL Server and Oracle to ensure successful server migration
- Adopted the SCRUM framework for workflow management and collaborated with the team for 4 sprint cycles

Penn Electric Racing
August 2022 - Present

- Routed PDU for FSAE electric racing car using Altium Designer
- Solder, debug, and tested the Strain Gauge Amplifier board to ensure accuracy and reliability
- Designed, wired, and validated the wiring harness for the car to ensure compliance with competition rules
- Reviewed peer schematics for feedback and optimization, decreased clutter and increased density by 10%

VEX Robotics
August 2019 - May 2022

- Managed communications and subteam timelines for twice VEX world championship team
- Developed autonomous programming using PID control in C++ to increase movement accuracy by 25%
- Implemented field-based GPS systems utilizing odometry concepts to improve awareness by 50%
- Researched computer vision algorithms to identify targets and plan autonomous paths

District 204 IT Department Intern
May 2020 - August 2022

- Deployed, networked, and serviced 4,000+ Chromebooks for the “one-to-one” education program
- Troubleshot students and staff technical difficulties in a school district of over 4,000 students
- Imaged, updated, and installed 300+ Windows machines for maintenance and replacements

Student Federal Credit Union at Penn
Feb 2023 - Present

- Advised $8 Million in assets and evaluated associated risks to develop an optimal investment strategy
- Maintained and updated website backend on AWS and ensured quality user experience frontend
- Processed client transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, money transfers, and cashier’s checks

Activities &

Clark Scholars

1 of 10 students selected from the Class of 2026 for this program for future engineering and business leaders. Aligns the A. James Clark Foundation and Penn Engineering with the shared goal of fostering engineering, and business leadership, at the highest level to benefit society, now and for the future. Scholarship for students in need who exhibit strong academic and leadership potential.

District 102
Computer Science Instructor

- Instructed 50 students on the fundamentals of computer science in Scratch, Python, and Java
- Led interactive activities to cultivate interest and increase class participation by 20%

Questbridge National Match Scholar

Internationally competitive FULL RIDE scholarship worth over $350,000 to attend the University of Pennsylvania(6.5% acceptance rate). Recognized for academic excellence and leadership. One of the 1,755 students selected from a pool of 5,613 finalists, which received over 17,900 applications(9.8% acceptance rate).

The learning journey captured by
My Projects
Power Distribution Unit
Power Distribution Unit
Electromagnetic Railgun
Electromagnetic Railgun
PID Control and Odometry
PID Control and Odometry GPS
Brake Sensing Plausibility Device
Personal Website
Personal Website
Person VPN
Personal VPN Server
Wordle Game using Java Swing
Some Fun Fucts
Fluent in 3 Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English

Grew up Abroad

Started High School as a 7th Grader/div>

I love staying on the move! I've ran lots of 5K and 3 miles races. I love pushing myself to the limit!


I love hitting the trails! The highest I've hiked was 1000ft on top of Big Schloss Peak in West Virginia. I love to keep exploring!


I love flipping the pages! My favorite genres is scientific non-fiction. I love to keep learning!

See my electric racing team
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Greater Chicago Area, IL

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(312) 721-5369

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